Are Skechers Diabetic Shoes Good For Diabetics?

Are Skechers Diabetic Shoes Good For Diabetics?


If you’re looking to purchase Skechers diabetic shoes, this article can help you greatly. Shoes are essential to diabetics’ well-being, especially when there is neuropathy. The word “neuropathy” means a range of conditions caused by nerve damage within the nervous system of the peripheral nerve. The condition causes a loss of sensation in the body’s extremities.

Many people suffering from neuropathy and diabetes lose sensation in their feet. Because of this, they’re unable to feel discomfort. Then addition to making sure your feet are comfortable and dry, the shoes you put on can help protect you from injury.

What is a Diabetic Walking Shoe?

Diabetic shoes minimize the sores on diabetic feet and, consequently, the possibility of amputations. They protect and support the feet while decreasing pressure points. They can provide increased depth for inserts that are diabetic.

Shoes to Be Avoided

If you have diabetes, it is recommended to avoid wearing certain types of Skechers diabetic shoes:

  • Do not wear shoes that have a pointed toe as it can cause pain to your feet and reduce circulation.
  • Do not wear footwear that lacks arch support as it could cause degeneration of your foot.
  • Be aware of shoes that aren’t fitted correctly since they could hurt your feet.
  • Use high-heeled shoes sparingly. If you are wearing shoes with heels, round-toe shoes with heels less than 2 inches are the best.

Diabetic socks

Diabetic socks are those that don’t restrict the feet and are made to aid in healthy circulation. The majority of brands do not contain elastic. However, some brands feature moisture-wicking. Socks for people with diabetes that keep your feet dry may help avoid infection. Here are some names of various diabetic socks:

  • Truform
  • Dr. Comfort
  • Activa
  • Drymax

In most cases, diabetic socks are made to look just like normal socks. They are available in a variety of lengths, colors, and styles.

If you do not want to buy socks made specifically for those with diabetes, choose normal socks with moisture-wicking fabrics. Be aware of scams rough around your toes that could cause blisters, and purchase socks over the ankles for a similar reason. Compression socks can hurt circulation within your feet.

The Advantages and Benefits of Skechers Diabetic Shoes

Skechers is among the most well-known brands of diabetic footwear. However, not all are aware of the benefits and the features.

  • Skechers has a unique sock liner with arch support, providing greater cushioning than standard midsoles.
  • The shoe provides more stability and excellent traction for those who must walk across slippery surfaces or on ice.
  • The upper has venting systems that help prevent heat accumulation and water from rapidly spreading throughout the shoe’s interior.
  • Furthermore, it also comes with a breathable mesh upper, which keeps you cool.

Is Your Diabetic Foot At Risk?

Diabetes is a chronic illness that alters the way your body processes sugar. It’s a progressive condition, which means it will get worse over time. Diabetes can result in serious health issues such as strokes, heart disease, blindness, and the possibility of amputation. The condition can cause problems with the legs and feet.

The most frequent foot-related complication in people with diabetes is called diabetes-related foot ulceration. It occurs when there is insufficient blood flow through the feet because of nerve damage or inadequate circulation. Skechers diabetic shoe foot ulcers can cause amputations when not treated promptly and appropriately.

If you’re searching for an elegant and comfortable walking shoe, the Skechers Orthopedic Diabetes Walking Sneaker is the ideal alternative. The sneaker has orthopedic features, making it perfect for people with diabetes or other foot issues. The upper is made of breathable mesh, and the cushioned inside sole provides all-day comfort.

Additionally, the outsole made of rubber gives you stability and traction. Whether going to the store for groceries or walking through your neighborhood, these shoes ensure you look and feel at your best.

2022 Buyer’s Guide for Footwear for Diabetic Patients

Before you purchase Skechers diabetic shoes, it is important to know what a quality diabetic shoe is. Here are the key features of diabetic work footwear for women to be aware of so that you can make the most informed choice!

1.     Convenience

The most important thing for us is to be at ease. Diabetic shoes must be able to accommodate your needs specifically, which include but aren’t restricted to numb fingers and skin tolerability. The shoes you choose should be comfortable and easy to slip on.

2.     Longevity

You’re paying for the shoes and would like them to last. The feedback from customers on how long they last for the exact pair you’re looking for must be considered. The shoes must last for a minimum of two years.

3.      Allows the Use of Orthotics

The diabetic shoes you wear will be compatible with orthotics. This is great because you might already be used to wearing orthotics, and wearing the ones with certain diabetic shoes could cause discomfort.

4.      Toe Room

Also, make sure that diabetic shoes have enough space for your toes for you to move your toes more easily than you would in a normal, packed shoe. Fashion shouldn’t be sacrificed when searching for diabetic footwear for women. In the case of diabetic shoes, being diabetic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be stylish.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How much are they?

Skechers’ diabetic shoes range between $30 and $300. For durable and high-quality products, you should look at an average cost of between $70 and $180.

What is the best diabetic shoe for you?

If you’re suffering from particular needs or foot problems, you may require custom-made shoes. They’re made of a cast or model that represents your feet. They’re priced more expensive (between $200 and $800) and require a complex procedure that involves several visits to the office and foot examinations and fittings. Get advice from your podiatrist and recommendations before making any decisions.

Why shouldn’t people with diabetes walk barefoot?

Diabetes can trigger peripheral neuropathy that causes the feet to feel numb. This could be very dangerous when you’re not wearing footwear. It can also affect circulation. Toes, heels, and toes receive less blood than the heart.

How often do you need to wear diabetic shoes?

They shouldn’t do any long-term standing, walking, or even standing at home without a supportive sandal or shoe.” In all cases, patients are advised to wear socks and shoes at home.

Where can I buy diabetic shoes?

The first step before purchasing diabetic footwear is to go to your primary physician, either an endocrinologist or podiatrist and inquire about your needs and suggestions.


It is essential for all people with diabetes to visit the podiatrist at least once a year to have a check-up. This lets you discuss any changes you notice in your routine foot examination. But, don’t postpone your appointment to seek medical attention when you notice any major changes. Wear Skechers diabetic footwear on an extended walk.

Contact your physician to learn more about the likelihood of developing foot problems. If you’re at moderate or high risk, be sure to know what you must do to avoid any future issues.


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