Celebrities Pay Tribute to Lyric Chanel: 2022

Celebrities Pay Tribute to Lyric Chanel: 2022




At 11 years old, Yhung Lyric Chanel was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma, a type of brain cancer. Through her social media posts, Yhung chronicled her battle with the disease. Today, she has over 470,000 followers. She was raised in Houston with her parents and a close family friend, Monica Valentine. When cancer reached stage three, Monica took Yhung to a doctor.


Trae the Truth

In a touching tribute to the Houston native who died of cancer, Lyric Chanel’s uncle Trae the Truth, a rapper, has released a video titled Trae the Truth. In the video, he reminisces about their relationship, the impact he had on his life, and the bravery he showed during his fight against the disease. The video features countless photos of the two and is the perfect way to honor the Houston native.

The video, released Friday, is a tribute to the late singer and her fight against cancer. Chanel, then 13 years old, had undergone brain surgery to remove most of the cancer, but two months later, the cancer returned. Her family and friends were devastated by this recurrence, and they sought another doctor. The family and the public have since been overwhelmed by the tributes and have shared their heartfelt gratitude for the music legend.



After Lyric Chanel’s death, Beyonce shared a touching tribute on her Instagram page. Lyric, who was only 13, battled cancer for two years. She underwent surgery in November 2020 to remove her tumor, but sadly, cancer returned two months later and spread to various parts of her brain. In the days following her death, her mother and family shared a touching video of the last time they saw her alive.

Beyonce and Lyric’s friendship began when Lyric was a fan of Bronx rapper Drake. The two began corresponding through Instagram, and Lyric reached out to the artist several times. In a heartfelt video, Lyric was surprised to receive a floral arrangement. It included orchids and white roses, along with a signed message from Beyonce. Beyonce then sent Lyric an Ivy Park box containing her fall release.


Cardi B


In an emotional Instagram post on Monday, Cardi B revealed that her friend Lyric Chanel has been diagnosed with brain cancer and is currently undergoing treatment at the Texas Medical Center. Cardi B was touched by Lyric’s courage and defiant joy. The couple has been together for a decade, and Cardi shared her admiration for Lyric on her Instagram. Cardi also praised Lyric for her positive attitude, which has kept the two friends close.

Cardi B and Lyric were diagnosed with cancer in 2016, and doctors told them they had less than a year to live. During this time, Lyric began complaining of frequent headaches, but Monica did not assume they were serious. Her worries grew after she began losing her vision and needing Siri to write text messages. They were able to overcome their illness through the love of each other, and now they are proud parents of their two children.

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Beyoncé’s Halo

The Grammy winner has released a special tribute medley in honor of the late singer. Lyric Chanel passed away last week, after a two-year battle with brain cancer. The musician’s family documented her plight on social media. Many celebrities and fans have offered their support and sent flowers in honor of Lyric. Beyoncé also posted a message on her Instagram account about the death of Lyric, which has received more than one million likes.

Beyoncé released a tribute video to honor Lyric Chanel, who passed away from brain cancer on Friday. The video features a montage of Lyric’s photographs and videos and a medley of her songs. The artist had built a large online following during the last two years and had posted pictures and videos about her illness on her Instagram account. In October, she posted a video of herself singing Beyoncé’s hit song “Love on Top.”

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