How Did Matthew Goode and Sophie Dymoke Meet?

How Did Matthew Goode and Sophie Dymoke Meet?


Sophie Dymoke is most likely; she is best known as the spouse of actor Matthew Goode who is best recognized for his roles in films like “The Imitation Game”, “Burning Man”, and “Dancing on the Edge”.

Sophie Dymoke on Social Media

One of the reasons there’s very little information on Sophie’s past and current activities are in the absence of an online presence. Sophie does not have an account on leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There’s a chance that she may have an account under an alternative name or manage a particular account related to her job.

It’s similar to the case of her husband, who has no social media profile. This is unusual for actors of today. Yet, he’s an active participant in the media, with regular interviews, appearances, and acting projects. Fan pages for his on the internet, but they tend to contain photos of him during his appearances as an actor. He is one of the actors who concentrate on their work, leaving all other details private.

They are known for frequenting both the US and the UK because of the nature of the work. There are reports that they could be able to have a permanent home at home in the UK. The UK as a result of having children, but it isn’t confirmed.

10 Facts about Sophie Dymoke

Sophie was born in 1980 and is a fashion stylist by profession. She has worked with several prominent companies as a fashion stylist.

  1. From 2014 onwards, Sophie Dymoke has been engaged to the actor Matthew Goode.
  2. Sophie like Matthew like Matthew is respectful of her husband’s privacy and space.
  3. Sophie was the mom of 3 children following her union with Matthew.
  4. Matilda Eve Goode, their first baby, was born in 2009 before marriage. Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode, their second daughter, was born Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode in 2013 and will turn seven years old by the time 2020 rolls around.
  5. Ralph Goode, their youngest child, was born in the year 2005.
  6. Sophie and Matthew were friends for several years before their wedding.
  7. Matthew Goode, born Matthew William Goode, is an internationally acclaimed English actor and Sophie Dymoke’s spouse.
  8. Sophie Dymoke appears to be not interested in social networks. Despite her status as a celebrity but she isn’t using social media.
  9. She seemed to be enjoying an enjoyable time without all the media attention. As for her financial worth, she is believed to have an estimated $1 million.

Sophie Dymoke Background and Education

Sophie’s early life, family, and life before meeting with Matthew are mainly unknown. She attended the Sacred Heart School in Tunbridge Wells and then enrolled in the University of Wales, Swansea, in 1991 after maturing.

She graduated in 1995, but it is unknown which field she specialized in. She has been a very private person since she was a kid.

Her most loved subject in college was history. She spent many hours studying it.

Sophie loves to travel and has been to a variety of European countries, including France, Italy, and Spain, in addition to several US states, including California and Florida.

Sophie has also been a philanthropist. She has given funds to the Red Cross and volunteered to provide gifts to needy children and older.

She is a fan of exercising physically and enjoys biking, rollerblading and skiing or snowboarding and skating on ice.

Sophie Dymoke Relationships Husband/Boyfriend

According to Bio Information, the couple learned more about one another during Emily, Matthew’s friend’s wedding. They began their relationship in 2005 without having any contact with anyone because they wanted to keep the relationship a secret. Before moving to London and settling, Sophie and Matthew resided in Kent near Sophie’s parents.

The couple is a happy marriage that started many years ago. Their love seems to be unending. It is, in fact, ever-increasing. They are also considered one of the loveliest couples in the business because they do not get engaged in any controversy or gossip.

Sophie Dymoke Physical Appearance Age, Height, Weight

When we talk about her appearance, the body of Matthew Goode’s spouse is extraordinary and gorgeous, which has attracted much of the public’s attention for her beauty. Sophie is a beautiful woman who is five eleven inches high and weighs 56 kgs. In the same way, her locks and eyes, along with her body shape, size, weight, and height, attract lots of attention to her. Their brown eyes look gorgeous, and her blonde hair compliments them beautifully.

Matthew Goode – Her Husband

Matthew Goode tracked down his breakthrough role in the 2004 film “Pursuing Liberty,” a lighthearted comedy film that rewarded Matthew Goode with an award called the Teen Choice Award. Then he followed it by securing supporting roles in films, including “Duplicating Beethoven,” “Envision Me and You,” and “Match Point.”

Sophie Dymoke Career

Since Matthew Goode is reticent to divulge private information to the media and the public, stating that he would prefer his personal and professional spheres to remain separate and separate, there’s not enough information about Sophie Dymoke.

Her birth date is unknown; however, according to sources, she’s believed to be 39 years old at present in the year Matthew is 41. She is currently working part-time in the fashion sector. The latest news about her involvement is said to be with MiH Jeans.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Where is Sophie Dymoke from?

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Who is Matthew Goode’s wife?

Sophie Dymoke

What was the place where Matthew Goode met his wife?

In 2005, Matthew was introduced to his future wife, Sophie Dymoke – on his doorstep! While Sophie has a nationality of English (from Kent), she was a resident of New York when they first met. She worked in the fashion industry as a sales manager and was employed in New York for ten years. Matthew was a resident of her home located in New York when he was unemployed.

How tall is Sophie Dymoke?

Sophie’s height is 5’8 inches (170 centimeters) is 170 cm, and she weighs 57kg (126 pounds). The measurements of her body are 36-27-38 inches (91-68-96 cm).


Additionally, it has been reported it is believed that Sophie Dymoke is a designer and her designs are by her husband, Matthew Goode. The news also said five companies had employed her throughout her professional career, including VINCE, a modern fashion brand.

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